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Getting to Tenerife South Airport

Tenerife South Airport is located approximately 60 km, or 37 miles from the island’s capital city, known as Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and in the municipality of Granadilla de Abona. This is the airport that handles the majority of international passengers to the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, with over seven million passengers per year. Tenerife South Airport was previously known as the Reina Sofia Airport, due to its inauguration by Queen Sofia of Spain in 1978, and has the official airport code of TFS. The other airport serving the island is Tenerife North, located nearer to the capital city. Passengers driving to Tenerife South will find it easy to follow directions to the airport, and that major roads connect the airport with all areas of Tenerife.

Tenerife South Airport’s location is considered to be in the heart of Tenerife, as many of the most famous and visited holiday resorts are found in the southern regions of the island. Tenerife is visited by millions of local and international tourists every year, as it is well known for its lovely beaches and nightlife entertainment, as well as its interesting natural attractions. Two of the major holiday resorts nearby Tenerife South Airport are the Playa de las Américas and Los Christianos. Tenerife South Airport is located on the southern coastline of the island, and was built here to avoid the foggy conditions that sometimes disrupt airport operations at Tenerife North Airport. To the south-west is Las Galletas, know for its natural dark volcanic beaches, and Médano is found to the east.

Major motorways that are found on the island of Tenerife include the TF-1, which is the main access road of Tenerife South Airport, and the TF-5, the access road of Tenerife North Airport. The coordinates which can be used on a satellite navigation system for the island’s southern airport are 28°02′40″N 016°34′21″W.

Directions to Tenerife South Airport from the north and south of Tenerife

Since that the airport lies on the southern coastline of Tenerife, there are no destinations lying further south of the airport. From the north, which includes areas such as Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Laguna and even Puerto de la Cruz a bit further west along the northern coastline, motorists will use the TF-1 motorway in a southerly direction. The TF-1 motorway runs along the eastern coast of Tenerife, and connects many of the main towns and cities of the area. It also provides direct access to the terminal building of Tenerife South Airport.

Directions to Tenerife South Airport from the east and west of Tenerife

The TF-1 motorway is the major road on the eastern side of the island, therefore all areas to the north-east of Tenerife South Airport are connected by this main road. Motorists will take the TF-1 south until reaching the airport. From areas in the west, such as Santiago del Teide, the minor road 6 connects with the TF-1, which then leads to the airport. The airport is well signposted along all main routes nearby, as the ‘Aeropuerto de Tenerife Sur’.

While the main roads on the island of Tenerife are not usually very busy, passengers travelling to the airport should allow sufficient time for their journey. The TF-1 motorway is the major connection between northern and southern regions of the island, and therefore always has the potential to become congested. Sufficient time should also be allowed to find a suitable parking space at the airport, and to find your relevant check-in desk. In general, passengers are recommended to arrive at least an hour before their departure flight, but disabled passengers who have requested assistance from airport or airline staff should arrive two hours before departure. Adequate parking facilities are provided nearby the airport terminal, with spaces for disabled drivers as well.

Tenerife South Airport consists of a single terminal building, from where all arrivals and departures are handled, for both domestic and international flights. The large departure area has 87 check-in desks and a number of boarding gates, while the arrivals area has two baggage reclaim areas and facilities such as car hire companies and tourism information desks. There is a large area on the first floor of the airport building that has many retail outlets, restaurants and other useful services for passengers, and the entire building is accessible for disabled passengers. At the airport, there are banking and currency exchange services, a VIP lounge, known as the Montaña Roja Lounge, a variety of meeting rooms for business passengers and a post office. A chapel is available in the public area of the airport.

Passengers who do not wish to park their vehicle at Tenerife South Airport can arrive by bus or taxi, as no train services are available for transport. There are three bus routes that are available approximately every half an hour to an hour from various destinations on the island, and from the holiday resorts, and taxis can be used from all areas as well. Passengers may also consider arranging a private transfer to the airport, or can make use of their hotel’s shuttle services.

More detailed directions to Tenerife South Airport can be found online, at http://maps.google.com, and further information regarding the airport’s services is available from the Aena information desks within the terminal building.